Fight 4 No Drugs!

Smoking. one of the few legal drugs in the United states.


-Tobacco contains 300 known poisons including rat poison, rocket fuel, and manure.

-Tobacco has traces of a radioactive substance (no, you will not glow).

-You are only aloud to legally purchase tobacco at age 18, but most smokers start in early high school or late middle school.

-Tobacco contains nicotene, which makes you addicted to smoking, so when you start, you can’t stop.


Because of insecurity. Smokers think that if they smoke, they will be cool. They won’t. Since tobacco is the most common drug in the U.S., people have the easiest access to it. How early-age smokers contain cigarettes is by drug dealers, “friends”, or by a legal adult buying it for you.


We can help!!!!!!!!! if you see ANYONE trying to smoke, especially someone underage, TELL THEM TO STOP! If you list off some of the facts, then they will get the picture that they shouldn’t smoke! If they still don’t stop, tell a trusted adult (i.e., a parent, teacher, or school counselor), and they will take matters into their own hands.


NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give in to peer pressure! NEVER SMOKE!!!


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